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August 2013

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Pratibha Singh
VP - Public Relations
From the President's Desk

Why Public Speaking?
- Kausthubh Rajendran
Message from IPDG

Launching a new community club
- Nina John DTM

        A question that plagues the toastmasters community is ‘why public speaking?’ While most reasons have now permanently retired to the land of cliché, it is prudent that the question be approached from a new perspective.

        The beauty of public speaking is, in fact, founded on the beauty of the human mind itself. The human mind is among the most wonderful of creations. From the multitude of its fascinating qualities, there are two, among many, that help with said new perspective.

        Remember the times when we were afraid. For a long time, we stood around expecting someone to come by and hand us the courage to get through the moment. One day we realized that no one is going to hand out courage. We learnt that being afraid is an opportunity to be courageous and get through the moment ourselves. The human mind is an inexhaustible arsenal of strengths and virtues and the right opportunity makes us reach into it and find the strength that is the need of the hour. We owe it to the magnificence of the human mind to submit it to trying opportunities.

        The human mind discovers its own beauty not by looking inside but by looking out. There is a reason why we like some leaders better than others. We like the leaders we want to become. We see a piece of ourselves in them. We like the speakers we want to become. We see a piece of ourselves in them. In what we like, we are actually seeing a glimpse of ourselves.

        Public speaking presents the opportunity to find the strengths we possess, from facing an audience to inspiring them. It also helps us catch a glimpse of ourselves in the kaleidoscope that is the world around us. And so it is a journey that reveals our strengths and presents us the choice to be who we can be. The journey must be begun. All glory comes from daring to begin. The journey of public speaking begins with Toastmasters.

        Launching a new community club is an exciting event, one that brings to the fore all the speaking and leadership skills of individuals. It helps individuals to acquire so many different skills, and to bring out so many aspects of their personality, that individuals are amazed at their own transformation.

        The beauty of Toastmasters is such that it has a place for every level of speaking and leadership skill. Anyone can walk in and, by the end of six months, will have moved on to the next level. We have had individuals coming in to meetings, too scared to blurt out their names out loud, or freezing in the middle of Table Topics. Six months later, they are handling Toastmasters of the Day roles with panache, guiding newcomers with élan, and delivering prepared speeches with panache. The self-esteem has grown, and the self-confidence is staggering. The same individuals, within a year, are ready to manage contests, run websites, edit newsletters and organise conferences.

        The Toastmasters structure is such that it allows those with exceptional speaking skills to hone their talent to perfection, and it allows those who want to become better communicators to do so in whichever field they choose – management, TV, PR and so on. Those with an inclination to leadership skills are given opportunities at club, Area, Division or District level, and can combine these in practice.

        An observation about ‘successful’ Toastmasters – the ones on the fast-forward track are the ones who step out of their comfort zones, attend other clubs, volunteer for demo duties at totally strange locations, are willing to go the extra mile for the movement and, in giving wholly of themselves, receive in abundant measure. The more comfortable these Toastmasters become with speaking, the more confident they are of leading. The spillover into the professional lives is immediate and visible. That is the ‘secret’ of Toastmasters- you walk in as a guest, become a member, grow into becoming a mentor, and almost without knowing it, you have become a leader.

        Being a member of an established club in Bangalore and elsewhere may give you a good foundation, but it is in the establishment of a new club, or in running a YLP for the under-privileged, or setting up a bilingual club that gets you out of your comfort zone, and the challenges you take up will truly make you a leader.

        Our corporates, communities and countries, all need leaders of caliber and integrity. Use your Toastmaster skills to become a better employee, citizen or human being, and help make the world a better place for all of us.

        Those of us who have benefited from the Toastmasters movement need to bring the same gifts to more and more people, youngsters and people of diverse backgrounds, to help them come up in life. I would urge those who are in the movement now to spread their wings, and carry the movement forward because it is in helping others grow that we grow as leaders. I am so happy to find that the Indiranagar Pride is coming up with exactly these objectives in mind and wish you all the best in this endeavour.

Member Experiences
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Finally Broken Through that Fear!

Dr. Navyashree Subramanyam
CMO, The Arth - An Ayurvedic Hospital
On a Transformational Journey

Jitesh Dattani
QA Technical Lead, McAfee
Appu G B
Area Governor, Div B
Sunshine Toastmasters Club

        Fear may be a four letter word, but its power smashes all our talent and capability. Being a doctor, I was accustomed to interact with patients daily. However, public speaking terrified me. Just the thought of addressing a gathering caused my fear to overpower my brain and I usually blacked-out. That was me 4 months back. I joined The Pride to work on this, but was hesitant to attend the first meeting.

        It’s only when I stepped in, that I realized how amazing the Toastmasters platform was. The club hand held me till I was comfortable, each member supporting me to climb, step by step, till I became confident. I am proud to say that I have now conquered this fear, and comfortably address small gatherings on how to lead healthier, enriched lives.

        Toastmasters International has definitely transformed me internally from a hesitant ‘ugly duckling’ to a confident ‘beautiful swan’.

        I joined Toastmasters because I felt the need to improve my communication skills. I always wanted to be a fluent speaker and particularly polish my impromptu communication skills. I felt the need both in my personal and professional life, because it is quite satisfactory to speak the right words, at the right time, with the right tone.

        I felt that Toastmasters Indiranagar Pride was the apt platform I was looking for to sharpen my skills and work on my short-comings. The feedback I have received for my speeches and roles, and the areas of improvement suggested have truly been constructive and have helped me in improving the verbal and non-verbal aspects of my communication.

        I am on a transformational journey and am looking forward to an even more enriching learning experience week after week.

        I made my first visit to The Pride as a General Evaluator. For a club that is just 24 meetings old, I expected the meeting to run a little haywire. I couldn't have been more wrong.

        In a world where the saying ‘practice makes a man perfect ‘ is considered a universal truth, Toastmasters Indiranagar Pride is an exception. With its beautiful venue allowing natural light to illuminate the room, trees being the sight out of all windows, and a tiled roof to make you feel as if you were in your ancestral home, just visiting the club is a joy in itself. All of that coupled with the people of the club makes you wish the meeting wouldn't end.

        Warm at heart, eager to learn, accepting, encouraging, hard working, and the club's immensely high potential are the reasons why all I could say at the meeting was, it was a near perfect meeting.

        I have said it before and I will say it again, I am proud to have visited the Pride!


Silence of the snow
by Kausthubh Rajendran

        No matter how heavy snow falls, it makes no sound. Unlike rain, there is no splashing sound. Heavy snow usually brings traffic to a standstill and wards off pedestrians. Not only does it make no sound of its own, but snow also brings about the cessation of all other sounds. And soon it becomes a deafening silence.

        I remember a weekend with heavy snowfall in Munich. I sat by the French window looking out on to the streets. The untimely street lights painted the day (whatever was left of it) a subtle shade of yellow. The roads were deserted. Snow blanketed everything and these blankets were at least a foot thick.

        The longer I sat by the window, the stiller my surroundings turned. I sat there motionless, intrigued how still it would get. First the heaving of my torso settled. Then my breathing calmed down. And finally there was not a single sound I could make out - not even a heartbeat. That is when the silence started spreading into me. I started listening to the silence. Soon all my thoughts vanished; it was as if the silence had spread into my mind as well.

        It was a form of existence unknown to me; without any sounds, without any thoughts in the mind, without that lingering twitch of ambition, without any sense of purpose, without anything to look forward to, without anything to do, last but not least without anyone around. Barely a moment into that oblivion, the first thought took birth in my mind.

        The thought that I want to return. I want to return to the realm I know of. And the very moment this thought was born in the mind, all my senses were back; I wanted to break free from that labyrinth of void. I could feel the air gushing into my lungs as if I had just surfaced from under water. I could feel the giant ripples on the surface of water crash the stillness and then slowly subside. I was back.

        Lazing on the couch the rest of that day, snuggled in at least three blankets, slipping in and out of a trance, I listened to the snow; I listened to the silence of the snow.


A true 'Pride of lions'
- Nikhil Gopalakrishnan
The Pride

        I started my Toastmasters journey at the Thomson Reuters club last year. I had had a slow and steady progression with my competent communication manual and other roles within my club. My mentor then advised me to deliver one of my speeches outside the club to face an unknown audience and gain more confidence.

        I was advised to visit Toastmasters Indiranagar Pride. In my first meeting there, I took up the role of an evaluator for which I received honest feedback.

        I now had to go to that ‘roaring lions’ club to deliver Project 7, the objective of which is to talk about a research. I had prepared using scientific words in order to prove to my audience that I had researched well and had a fair idea of the subject. However, being a community club, The Pride had members from different sectors. I then received a very valuable suggestion to simplify my content such that people from all fields could understand what I was sharing. This gave me a different perceptive about public speaking. I decided to repeat all my speeches there. Back at my home club, people pointed out my improvement in terms of confidence and my comfort level on stage. They knew how I was before and saw the change.

        I was unable to continue with my earlier club due to a hectic work schedule on weekdays and decided to join The Pride, a weekend club, to continue my Toastmasters journey. We at The Pride believe in having fun, mastering the art of public speaking by doing, making mistakes and learning from them, step by step. As a new member, I was given a warm welcome by the hosts of The Pride, and now, I look forward to welcome you- something that will definitely be a pleasure!

VP Membership     DR. NAVYA

We meet every Sunday
from 4:45 PM to 6:30 PM
at Indiranagar Rotary House of Service, near Lohitha Hospital

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